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    The internet is perfect because it  satisfies my desire to be alone while still getting attention from people.

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    me with characters in series:


    me with people in fandom:


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    See this is the scene I direct people to when they ask why Pepper took down Killian, and not Tony. Partly the point of Pepper being the final powerhouse saviour in the film is to show that hey, if anyone is kicking anyone’s ass around here, Pepper’s doing the ass-kicking. Pepper has always been the strongest between Tony and herself- it’s just that she was usually the business end rather than the fighting end, the one coordinating the battle behind the scenes.

     But here there is no behind the scenes. Pepper is in the direct firing line here. And Aldrich Killian is doing what so many people do to her- underestimate her. Belittle her. Think that she is weak and insignificant next to Tony. Killian thinks that he can own her.

     And when Pepper is belittled and possessed, she always takes control over them. She gets the upper hand no matter what, because she is Pepper Goddamn Potts and she will not be owned. 

     So here she stares Killian down with, yes, fear, but not submission. Because she already knows she is going to make Aldrich Killian pay.

     And for the first time, Pepper Potts gets to show overtly just how strong she is. 

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    So this happened on facebook today….


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    community rewatch; 1x03 - introduction to film

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    Social Justice Warriors[SJWs] are the new cancer of the internet. They’re a bunch of college-age, American-centric, special snowflakes, who feel the need to dictate anything and everything like self-entitled asshole’s.

    Who gave you the position of being the internet police?
    Who gave you the right to decide what words are acceptable or unacceptable to use?

    Who gave you the right to judge someone’s comedy or content as bad and take it away?

    Who gave you the right to constrict someone’s creativity(writing, art), because you think that it’s “problematic”?

    To add to that, sjws are the most racist shitholes I’ve ever seen.

    You complain about racism all the time, yet you’re the one’s who look at nothing but skin color. It doesn’t matter if a character is intelligent, strong-willed, kind, or helpful. If they’re white you automatically peg them as the devil. Lupita Nyong’o won an oscar for best supporting actress and ALL I saw was people being “so happy that a woman of color won the award”. Because it didn’t matter if Lupita was incredibly talented and nailed the shit out of that role, all you assholes focused on was her skin color.

    You reduce everyone down to their sexuality or race or gender, without giving a crap about someone’s actual personality or character.

    You lump everyone who isn’t white into a single category(POC).

    I’d rather be identified by my race, and along with that it’s heritage, and culture, rather than be called 3 ambiguous letters or words. Do you know how ridiculously offensive it is to call a person someone “of color”? Like we’re somehow different from people who are white? Like we need our own tag to segregate us from white people? YOU ARE MOVING SOCIETY BACKWARDS WITH THIS KIND OF SHIT. 

    Racism against white people exists; not in the West, but in other parts of the world. White people are not the majority everywhere. You think the world evolves around America? You think every place is as diverse as America? 

    Go to Africa. Go to the Middle East. Fuck, go to parts of Asia. Open a history book maybe. SJW’s are actually trying to call Irish people POC, when they are WHITE AS SNOW because they can’t stand the fact that white people have been oppressed in history.

    POC’s can be racist against other POC’s. My Arabian boss hates Asians. My black grandfather doesn’t like Mexicans. 

    White people are not Satan reincarnated. POC’s are not angels. Get that through your fucking head.

    And stop STOP STOP speaking for other races! You’re only making yourself look stupid and like your suffering from an extreme case of white guilt.

    Stop trying to pick apart every TV show/song/movie and look for thing you might deem “problematic”.

    Go outside.

    Get some air.

    Stay off the internet.

    Talk to actual people. Because most of you have barely any real-world experience and you will be eaten alive with your ridiculous ideologies.

    And before anyone says “Well not all sjw’s are like that”, I am going off of the majority of sjws on tumblr. And if I’ve learned anything from sjw’s, it’s that it’s totally fine to judge and generalize the majority. 

    ( The fact that I have to say that I am a black girl to avoid getting bombarded with comments like “white cishet” just shows how appalling your “movement” has become. )

    I don’t think anyone can effectively argue against this person.

    That last part though….


    This is exactly the reason I hate social justice posts. A person can’t make a joke or watch a movie or, hell, even ENJOY anything, that someone doesn’t swoop in and ruin it for you or get offended or take it the wrong way, no matter how innocent your intentions. You people have got me watching my words for every minute detail of how I talk on the internet, restricting me as a person to conform to your stupid protocols. God forbid, I refer to a questionably ambiguous character by pronouns that aren’t to your liking. OH MY GOD, THE WORLD MIGHT END. Satirize a disability? Oh, I must be the worst person alive. 

    Just because some people have a twisted sense of humor doesn’t mean they’re bad. It just means that you, the offended, need to get down off your high horse, and remove your head from your anus.

    Might lose followers for this. However, it’s beyond my capacity of caring. At least I know what I believe in. Many people on this site just go along with everyone else, and their stupidity, conforming to the system of this site. Sorry, but that’s not me.

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    this is a dragon and no one can tell me otherwise

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    Reasons I grab my boobs

    • running upstairs
    • running downstairs
    • running
    • stoked on life
    • scared
    • walking through my house in the dark
    • bored
    • boobs

    do girls really do this?

    yes. yes they do. 

    it’s the best

    its the breast

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